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Posted on: August 3, 2009 4:29 pm
Well, seems I've got a few things on my mind lately.  First and foremost lets get this one out of the way quick!

Kevin Gregg should be a catcher. 

That way he's already on his knees when he blows the game. 

I don't think that there's a whole lot more to be said about that.  I don't know what his deal is, what could be going on inside his head, but I'm through figuring it out.  I just don't think he has the stuff to be a MLB closer.  Pure and simple, he doesn't have the tools, and neither does the rest of our bullpen.  Honestly what the hell happened down there!  My hats off to the Marlins because pure and simple the Chicago Cubs have been there knob gobbling sex slaves since 2003.  This last debacle down there has me so crazy that the other day I actually thought this thought....

Hows the B J Ryan experiment going down in arizona?

There I said it!  Im so freaking desperate that I'm hoping the guy the TORONTO Blue Jays kicked to the curb is ready to come help.  Cuz crap we need it.  Cuz kids, heres the skinny, the "real deal" if you will, and its really simple.  If the Cubs had a real closer they would be in sole possession of first place by at least two games. 

Damn it Hendry!  I hate blaming GM's but crap he sent us into the season with no closer.  No freaking closer!!!!!!!


Next on the list... Mark DeRosa

Ok Cub nation, I'm going to say this one more time, just once!  QUIT CRYING ABOUT MARK DEROSA!  He's gone, who cares!  We don't need him and I'll tell you why, we have a new Mark Derosa, one that cost less with more of an upside, my man, Jake Fox.  He can play the OF, he can play the corners... and to make up for his lack of middle infield skill... he can catch!

Really he can!  I watched him catch 5 innings of shut out ball against the Astros, he won that game for us more than soriano's grand slam.

So kids, stop crying about Marky, we got Jake now!

Last of all, my man crush on Madison Bumgarner is expanding like the universe.  I mean its bad, real bad, it may someday even eclipse my atomically powered super crush on Kevin Youkilis.  What to do what to do. And I seriously thought no man would ever eclipse my man crush on the mighty youk and his majestic goat,  shit I'm the guy whos friends had to drunkenly stop him from paying 250 bucks to have a cubs jersey made that said TRADEFORYOUK, (gotta thank my friends for that one.)  Madison though, he is making me want to cheat, and making me want to cheat bad (I bought a San Francisco hat yesterday!)  GO! Youtube madison now!  Keywords Bumgarner, pierre, manny... Watch him make manny and Juan Pierre look like little leaguers... do it now!
Lets recap.

Gregg sucks.

Is B J Ryan healthy yet?

Jake Fox is the new hotness.

And Madison Bumgarner lives inside my heart now.

why are you still reading this?

Go to the Youtube!

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Posted on: August 3, 2009 4:52 pm
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